Do I Need to Keep My College Student on My Auto Insurance Policy?

It really only comes down to a couple of factors if you should leave your college student on your auto policy:

  • Will they be driving or commuting on a daily/regular basis
  • Are they living on campus with no regular access to a car

Will they be driving or commuting on a daily/regular basis

If they’re going to be driving on a regular basis it makes a lot of sense to keep them on your auto policy.

First of all, they’ll have coverage when they’re driving, that’s a no brainer right?

Next if they’re a passenger during an accident they may have extra coverage depending on the limits of your policy.

And the last benefit is they’ll have a continuous coverage history for when they do get their own policy.

Don’t forget to talk to your agent about student-specific discounts that might be available!

Are they living on campus without regular access to a car

If they’re going to be living on or near campus without having their own car, there might be some decent cost savings to consider.

The downside of taking them off your policy is the possibility of no coverage if they drive an uninsured car or someone’s car without consent.

Remember to call your agent and add them back to the policy before coming home if they plan on driving, such as during winter or summer breaks.

So, should you keep your college student on your auto insurance policy? It depends. If they’re commuting every day and need a car to get around, it might be best to maintain coverage. But if they’re living in a dorm or off-campus and have regular access to other transportation, then you can probably save some money by taking them off your plan. We know this stuff can be confusing, so don’t hesitate to schedule a call with our team or import your current policies for a full review using the links below – we’ll help you figure out what works best for your family, even if you’re not a McBride Agency customer (yet).


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